seminar FisMat

FisMat Seminar, September 4, 15:45

Speaker: Rafael Tiedra de Aldecoa. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Title: Ruled Strips With Asymptotically Diverging Twisting

Place: Pontificia Universidad Católica, Facultad de Matemáticas, Campus San Joaquin, Sala 5

We consider the Dirichlet Laplacian in a 2-dimensional strip composed of segments translated along a straight line with respect to a rotation angle with velocity diverging at infinity. We show that this model exhibits a “raise of dimension” at infinity leading to an essential spectrum determined by an asymptotic 3-dimensional tube of annular cross section. If the cross section of the asymptotic tube is a disc, we also prove the existence of discrete eigenvalues below the essential spectrum. Joint work with David Krejcirik (Prague).