Here are some grants and research projects and recent preprints and publications of members of our group.

Grants and Research Projects

GrantProject titlePI / membersyears
FONDECYT 1190204Mathematical challenges for new materialsG. De Nittis2019-2023
FONDECYT 1170008Commutators, dynamical systems, and quantum walksR. Tiedra de Aldecoa2017-2021
Nucleo Mileneo MESCDStochastic Models of Complex and Disordered SystemsA. Ramirez / M. Cabezas, J. Fontbona, D. Remenik, C. Sadel2017-2020
FONDECYT 1161651Linear and non-linear random operators on graphsC. Sadel2016-2020

Recent Preprints and Publications

C. SadelTransfer matrices for discrete Hermitian operators and absolutely continuous spectrum2019
G. De Nittis, Massimo Moscolari, Serge Richard, R. Tiedra de AldecoaSpectral and scattering theory of one-dimensional coupled photonic crystals2019
D. Sambou, R. Tiedra de AldecoaQuantum time delay for unitary operators: general theory2019
Serge Richard, Akito Suzuki, R. Tiedra de AldecoaQuantum walks with an anisotropic coin II: scattering theory2019