Here are some grants and research projects of members of our group for international scientific journals.

Grants and Research Projects

GrantProject titlePI / membersyears
FONDECYT 1230949Spectral and dynamical aspects of Dirac-like operatorsA. Taarabt /
C. Sadel
FONDECYT 1211189Randomness in classical and quantum systemsG. Moreno /
O. Bourget
FONDECYT 1211574Spectral and Dynamical Perspectives on Quantum SystemsO. Bourget /
G. Moreno
FONDECYT 1201836Radial transfer matrices, spectral theory and disordered systemsC. Sadel2020-2024
FONDECYT 1190204Mathematical challenges for new materialsG. De Nittis2019-2023
FONDECYT I. 11190084Transport properties of condensed matter modelsA. Taarabt2019-2023
FONDECYT 1170008Commutators, dynamical systems, and quantum walksR. Tiedra de Aldecoa2017-2021
Nucleo Mileneo MESCDStochastic Models of Complex and Disordered SystemsA. Ramirez / M. Cabezas, J. Fontbona, D. Remenik, C. Sadel2017-2020
FONDECYT 1161651Linear and non-linear random operators on graphsC. Sadel2016-2020