Seminar Spectral Theory and PDE

Seminar Spectral Theory and PDE, May 2, 17:00

Georgi Raikov. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Title: Threshold singularities of the spectral shift function for geometric perturbations of a magnetic Hamiltonian
Place: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Facultad de Matemáticas (campus San Joaquin), Sala 2
I will consider the 3D Schrödinger operator H0 with constant magnetic field, and its perturbations H_+ (resp., H_-\, ) obtained from H_0  by imposing Dirichlet (resp., Neumann) conditions on an appropriate surface. I will introduce the Krein spectral shift function for the operator pairs (H_0;H_+) and (H_0;H_-), and will discuss its singularities at the Landau levels which play the role of thresholds in the spectrum of the unperturbed operator H_0
The talk is based on a joint work with V. Bruneau (Bordeaux).