seminar FisMat

FisMat Seminar, July 24, 15:45

Speaker: Fabian Belmonte. Universidad Católica del Norte

Title: Canonical Quantization of Constants of Motion

Place: Pontificia Universidad Católica, Facultad de Matemáticas, Campus San Joaquin, Sala 5

It is well known that Weyl quantization does not intertwine the Poisson bracket of two functions with the commutator of the corresponding operators (Groenewold- van Hove’s no go theorem). The latter suggest that Weyl quantization does not preserve the constants of motion of every given Hamiltonian, however, there are very important examples where it does so. In this talk we are going to approach the following problems:
a) Is it possible to determine the Hamiltonians for which a given canonical quantization preserves its constants of motion? We will give an interesting criteria partially answering this question in terms of the Wigner transform. We will give some important examples as well.
b) Conversely, is it possible to construct a canonical quantization preserving the constants of motion of a prescribed Hamiltonian? Under certain conditions, we will show a construction of such quantization based in the structural analogy between the description of classical and quantum constants of motion.