Seminar Spectral Theory and PDE

Seminar Spectral Theory and PDE, October 25, 13:00

Speaker: Nora Doll. Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen

Title: Connecting Real index pairings to spectral flows

Place: PUC Chile, Campus San Joaquin, Fac. Matematicas, Sala 2

Object of this talk are index pairings of a projection and an unitary where both, the projection and the unitary fulfill Real symmetry relations. For a given combination of  symmetries the Noether index of the pairing vanishes, but there may be a Z_2-index given by the dimension of the kernel, modulo 2. Aim of this talk is to give an interpretation of these Z_2-indices as spectral flows. Two applications are given, one concerning topological insulators, the other concerning the Spectral Localizer.